Social Responsibility

Through regular and respectful contact, we have created open and friendly communication with the villages and people located in our key areas. We discuss the needs of local communities freely to identify what assistance is the most valuable and do our best to fulfil the needs we identify. When we are unable to do so, we negotiate alternative solutions in a mutually respectful manner. As a result, we have always found consensus and maintained good relationships with the communities that form our local family.

pacific hunt staff with children

Human Rights

Pacific Hunt Energy is committed to respecting human rights. All our employees, officers and directors are to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. We expect our contractors and partners to do the same.

Regardless of one’s background, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and integrity.

Community Consultation

We believe successful community engagement requires trust and identification of the specific situation of each village. This is why Pacific Hunt Energy started its community consultations well in advance of field operations. We continue to apply this principle as our operations move forward. Starting communications early and focusing the message specifically to a certain village group enables us to create a trusting and open relationship – A relationship which works both ways. We aim to create an open culture, where local people and communities feel free to voice their questions and concerns and feel like they are being listened to.

We value the opinions of local people and include their input in our decision-making process (such as when planning CSR campaigns). The people know their communities better than anyone else, which means they can also provide important information to us on whether it is about the needs of the village or sightings of wild animals.

With mutual respect and cooperation, we achieve the best results.

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Community Programs


Community Programs