About Us

Pacific Hunt Energy is an integrated exploration and production (E&P) company with drilling and technological capabilities targeting the Pacific Rim region. We create primary shareholder value through the in‐house exploration, field development and commercialisation of approximately 10.4 million acres of oil and gas assets held under production sharing contracts with the government of the Republic of Myanmar. We focus on acquiring and developing low marginal cost assets, and our experienced management team brings with them the wealth of industry experience, the access, resources and the tools to be successful in the exploration, development and production activities.

Operational Leadership 

Pacific Hunt Energy’s Operational Management Team is unique, possessing the required combination of technical and industry expertise, alongside extensive experience in working in Myanmar; our team is purposefully small, results-driven and adaptable to changes. That having been said, the team has more than 120 years of relevant experience, in particular in operating drilling operations and field developments in remote locations; it is this expertise that will enable Pacific Hunt Energy to successfully execute our near-term objectives and our long-term vision.

Additionally, our Board of Directors and our Management Team have an extensive network in the country; we have a deep understanding and appreciation of, and experience with, the rules, regulations and cultural practices applicable to Myanmar. This familiarity with the PSC environment, and federal and local laws and regulations, allows us to deliver outstanding results and find cost-efficient solutions for the development of our assets. Our focused team of professionals can make decisions quickly and efficiently and respond promptly to changes.

Our Assets

In October 2013, Pacific Hunt energy was awarded two production sharing contract (PSC) oil and gas blocks (PSC C-1 and PSC H) by the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). The total land acreage is 10.4 million acres and this makes us the largest onshore exploration landholder in Myanmar.

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Mission Statement


To contribute and help satisfy the growing energy needs of Myanmar in a safe and sustainable manner, and in so doing, deliver superior value to our investors.


Access to reliable and affordable energy transforms lives; by providing such access, Pacific Hunt Energy aims to contribute to Myanmar's economic growth and to improvements in the livelihoods of its people.


Safety is always our topmost priority. The importance of safety is imbedded in our corporate culture, employee training and operations.