Mission Statement

We are committed to operating in a sustainable way so that future generations are able to enjoy the same beautiful surrounding environment as we do. Our goal is to have the lightest possible environmental footprint, with zero long-term harm.

Pacific Hunt Energy operates on two greatly different onshore blocks in Myanmar. In ecological terms, the mountainous jungles on PSC C1 could not be further from the plain farmland on PSC H. What unites them is that both are equally important, both in social terms to the people living in the areas and in terms of maintaining diverse ecosystems. These areas provide the local people with the food they eat and the air they breathe, but also the opportunity for a petroleum discovery for us. This is a delicate and unique balance that we work hard to protect.

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Myanmar Oil & Gas Block

Pacific Hunt Energy applies a variety of world-class prevention, minimisation and mitigation measures in order to avoid causing any permanent damage to the surrounding environment. Our sustainability team works continuously to achieve ever higher and better goals. We think it is our responsibility together with our contractors to adopt sustainable practices in our everyday operations – whether we are on the field or in the office.

To be successful in environment protection, we must know the surrounding environment thoroughly. What better way to achieve this goal than through cooperation?

Pacific Hunt Energy


Pacific Hunt Energy cooperates closely with the environmental and oil and gas regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and Myanma Oil & Gas Enterprise as well as third-party consultants to ensure that zero irreplaceable damage is done to the pristine nature of Maharmyaing Wildlife Sanctuary and the Moyingyi Bird Sanctuary, which are situated near our operational areas. Our sustainability team continues to develop new measures to minimise impacts on these environmentally vulnerable areas over and above our standard zero harm practices. By working together and combining our industry expertise, with Government and residents’ knowledge of their surroundings, we can achieve operations that will be satisfactory to all.


The surrounding environment is a mutual asset. Pacific Hunt Energy is publishing its environmental and social impact assessments for the public to see how our operations affect the social and biological environment and what we do to mitigate the impacts.

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