• Grant PetersenManaging Director

    Grant PetersenManaging Director

    Grant Petersen is one of the founders of Pacific Hunt Energy. Mr Petersen has over 35 years of global entrepreneurial experience and has an extensive understanding of investing and dealing in emerging markets.  Mr Petersen served as a Director of International Business Development for Holloman Corporation from 2008 – 2016 where he was responsible for exploring oil and gas investment. Prior to co-founding Pacific Hunt Energy,  he was involved in numerous corporate ventures and businesses for Holloman which include oil and gas projects including Yukon and Alberta in Canada, Cooper Basin in Australia and highlands ExxonMobil project in Papua New Guinea. In his early career, Mr Petersen’s company Western Pacific Contracting was involved in road building, logging contracting and logistics in western Canada. Mr Petersen was a pioneer in Myanmar. He provides strong in-country leadership and has developed deep relationships with both the Myanmar government and its business community. 

  • Robert WesolekChief Financial Officer

    Robert WesolekChief Financial Officer

    Robert Wesolek became the Chief Financial Officer of the Pacific Hunt Energy in July 2013. Mr. Wesolek has more than 35 years of executive public-company management and accounting experience. He provides specialized knowledge in acquisitions, corporate structuring, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, internal controls and accounting systems architecture. Mr. Wesolek also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Holloman Energy Corporation (2009 – 2014), EFLO Energy Inc. (2011- 2015). Prior to 2009, Mr. Wesolek served as Chief Executive Officer of The Navigates Corporation. Chief Financial Officer of Sharp Technology Inc., President of the Desktop Software Division of Citadel Security Software, and Chief Operating Officer of Kent Marsh Ltd., Inc. During the period from 1980 to 1988, Mr. Wesolek was a Senior Practice Manager in the Audit Division of Arthur Andersen LLP.

  • Tamara MakaryanMyanmar Country Manager

    Tamara MakaryanMyanmar Country Manager

    Tamara Makaryan has 10 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas sector with significant industry players such as PetroAlliance, the Schlumberger Group, and the Nobel Oil Group. In recent years, Ms Makaryan has led several multi-million dollar petroleum and mining projects in South East Asia and Africa. Her background provides the board of directors with broad expertise in legal and operational issues in Myanmar and internationally. Ms Makaryan holds a degree with Honors in Management and Law from Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science.