Pilot Technology

Singapore-based Pilot Pacific Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Hunt Energy Limited, acquired a suite of patented and patent-pending technologies for gas processing in high CO2 and unconventional gas streams from Pilot Energy Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Holloman Corporation.

The license provides Pilot Pacific with a perpetual and exclusive right to use these technologies in existing and potential CO2 floods (EOR fields) around Southeast Asia and Oceania regions.

What is CO2 EOR?

CO2 EOR is an advanced technology capable of increasing the amount of oil extracted from CO2 flooded oil field by up to 35%

Pilot Pacific also designs, builds, owns, and operates pro-cessing facilities for high CO2 or other natural gas streams which are not addressed by standard technologies

Next Generation Gas Processing Technologies for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

In a CO2 flood operation, the produced oil and water are separated, and the CO2 is recompressed and re-injected into the formation. In many cases, however, the re-injected CO2 contains appreciable amounts of light hydrocarbons–primarily propanes, butanes and pentanes–as well as some methane, ethane and nitro-gen. In the past, the processes for capturing these valuable hydrocarbons from the CO2 stream either have recovered only limited amounts or have been prohibitively expensive.

An advanced new solution is available now that has been developed specifically to process non-traditional and niche markets in EOR floods. This proprietary technology was introduced in 2009 to assist companies in building and operating processing facilities to capture recoverable hydrocarbons from the CO2 re-injection streams.


Benefits for Producers

  • Patented technology.
  • Add an average 25% to field production. Producers can “book” between 15% to 35% additional barrels.
  • Increases recoverable reserves.
  • Additional revenue stream. Pilot delivers 3 to 4 times recovery of conventional processes (75% C3, 98% C4+).
  • Increases CO2 purity in recycle stream which has a positive impact on the recovery of oil
  • Sequester more CO2
  • Provides dehydration of recycle stream
  • Small physical footprint compared to alternatives and competing technologies such as Ryan Holmes
  • Quick execution, usually 12 months from the commencement of construction.
  • Utilizes “off the shelf” parts and pieces