Health and Safety Standards

Without high health and safety standards, there cannot be successful petroleum operations. Pacific Hunt Energy takes pride in maintaining a culture of safety awareness. It is our priority to ensure that all our employees, contractors, subcontractors, and visitors work in safe conditions and are able to leave our site safe and in good health. The only way we can ensure this is to make sure everyone from employees of all levels, whether Pacific Hunt Energy personnel or contractors, to senior management are involved in maintaining a high level of safety.

Continuous risk assessment is key to safe operations. Identifying hazards before something goes wrong is vital for avoiding accidents and incidents, but also an important learning curve – we need to be able to identify what could go wrong, before it goes wrong. We aim to create a supporting working atmosphere where everyone feels encouraged to report a potential hazard and thus can contribute towards safer operations.

Operating in tropical and sometimes remote conditions comes with its own challenges, and because of this, we work closely with international specialists in order to stay on top of the health and safety developments in our operational areas, and in Myanmar in general – and to be able to guarantee the health and safety of our employees in the field.

Pacific Hunt Energy is proud to be

lost time injury free