Our PSC C1 Concession

PSC C1 has an area of 16,301 km2 and contains two old producing fields: Indaw and Yenan. A number of modern and vintage wells have been drilled in this block with oil and gas shows recorded.

Pacific Hunt Energy has built a robust regional database which consists of a variety of detailed studies, including a petroleum systems evaluation of the entire area, well analysis, and source rock evaluation.

These studies, integrated with recently completed regional studies and interpretation of (vintage and new) seismic data has significantly enhanced the prospectivity of the area. Strong indications of a working petroleum system, multiple plays and a suite of prospects and leads provide a truly exciting entry into the basin and future oil and gas activity in Myanmar.

Exploration Highlights

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Multiple Play System

Multiple play system with the potential for stacked clastic reservoirs ranging in age from the Eocene to Oligo-Miocene, which are proven within or in close proximity to the block.

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A Petroleum System

Numerous oil and gas seeps and hydrocarbon shows in several wells drilled to date demonstrate a working petroleum system in the block.

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Oil and Gas

Multiple plays for both oil and gas have been identified, and several multiple-tcf prospects and leads have been identified, all at viable and economic drilling depths

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Seismic Data Interpretation

Interpretation of seismic data has significantly validated the upside potential of the block in terms of identifying new drillable structures.

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Gas Demand and Export

Significant domestic demand for gas, and export opportunities to Thailand and China.

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Wells Drilling Campaign

A drilling campaign is scheduled to commence in 2021.